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The Best Tomatoes in Sussex

Not only do we think our tomatoes are the best in Sussex but we believe they are the best in the UK.

The team at The Green House Sussex are proud to grow top quality, handpicked on the vine tomatoes. From big to small, each tomato variety is given it’s own growing area in it’s own greenhouse by our tomato experts who know the differences between each of our varieties to ensure we produce the sweetest, juiciest, and tastiest tomatoes for all of our customers.

We spend our days in the sunniest part of the UK taking care of each of our tomato plants so they deliver fantastic flavour every time.


The classic large & round!

A premium large vine variety. Plump and voluptuous with a great flavour in a larger package. A classic tomato for the traditional salad lover to the keen cook which makes it a versatile choice with endless possibilities in the kitchen. A great steady variety to grow: nice and steady with no nasty surprises.

We recommend: Sliced with mozzarella and fresh basil then drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of salt & pepper.


Sussex Sweetheart Plum

Our jewel plum!

It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s unique shape makes it a popular choice and ultimately one of our best sellers. A great looking tomato with its aromatic flavour and mellow texture that dazzles whether enjoyed stuffed and cooked, or eaten raw in salads.

A beautiful deep red inside and out makes her a real feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

A bit of a diva – she’s prone to calcium deficiency so must be treated gently with great care!

We recommend: Stuffing or roasting, they go great on the BBQ!

Also known as Ruby Jewel at Sainsbury’s.




The ideal cocktail tomato!

This is a true multipurpose cocktail tomato, positioned mid-way between a cherry and a classic tomato and is bursting with an intense flavour and aroma. Headstrong like the Sussex Sweetheart, but in a different way – she’s a very powerful variety that will run wild if you let her! Lends itself well to cooking, but is delicious enough simply to snack on by itself. Cocktail varieties are selected purely for flavour which makes these scarlet beauties the best of both worlds.

We recommend: Sliced in a salad or sandwich, you decide!







A delicious brilliant red cherry!

Often overshadowed by the better known and more fashionable Piccolo, we love Emily because of her steady personality – unfussy and low maintenance, she just produces lots of great tasting fruit without demanding all our attention.

We recommend: Creating ‘moonblush’ tomatoes to really intensify the sweetness if you like, but tasty enough to just grab out the fruit bowl as you walk by.



The Cherry Queen!

Considered the pinnacle of on-the-vine cherry, bursting with an intense and balanced blend of sweetness and acidity that is the envy of its class. And doesn’t she know it – with attitude to go with her status, she’s a bit of a primadonna who can be very fickle to grow. But we’re the experts and the results are worth the effort, our Piccolo never fails to deliver.

We recommend: Roasted with Asparagus and seasoned with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, topped with crumbled feta cheese.



Experts at growing!

We’re a well-established nursery with a history going back some 60 years, but we’re an innovative bunch and always looking forward. Working together with seed houses and retailers every year we deploy our growing nous to discover the next tomato gem. That could be newer, tastier versions of what we already grow, or up and coming yellow and orange varieties.

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