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Our food is high quality and fresh, grown by experts at our new greenhouse in Norwich.

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Our tomatoes

Xandor – Large and round, with a deep red tone and soft juicy texture. Ideal sliced with mozzarella and fresh basil then drizzled in olive oil.

GHG Sussex High Res-576

Our tomatoes

Cappricia – Again large and round, Cappricias have the perfect taste combining a burst of sweetness and hint of acidity. With a firm texture, they’re ideal for use in salads and sauces.

TGHG Norwich HR-252 (2)

Our tomatoes

Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes – Sweet – not sugary – and balanced with tartness, our piccolo tomatoes have an intense flavour and aroma. Ideal for snacking or a wonderful addition to salads and sauces. Also delicious (and beautiful!) roasted on the vine.

GHG Sussex High Res-557

Our cucumbers

Not as easy to grow as you might think, it takes real skill and expertise to get cucumbers straight and at the right maturity for the best flavour and texture.

Essential for any salad, cucumbers are also the perfect addition to Pimms and a certain well-known gin!

TGHG Ely HR-156