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The Green House Growers came together with a shared vision to revolutionise the way fresh food is grown in the UK. We want a healthier, more sustainable and more delicious future.

Eric Wall and Hugh Stevenson set the business up in Barnham, West Sussex in 1977 under the company name Eric Wall Ltd. From a humble 1ha nursery the business flourished taking advantage of the excellent light levels on the south coast, to increase production over the years to 10ha. The quality ethos runs through the business and Eric Wall Ltd became the first LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) tomato demonstration farm in 2015.

In 2019 the Wall family decided to withdraw from the business and the Stevenson family took 100% ownership.

The Stevenson family were keen to explore further horticultural opportunities and in 2020 formed a partnership with three Dutch horticultural groups, Mike Noordam, Erik and Rik Leerdam, Arjen Koornneef and Rene van de Lee, to form The Green House Growers encompassing The Green House Sussex, The Green House Norwich and The Green House Ely

The shareholders from the Netherlands were keen to expand in the UK, which traditionally imported around 80% of tomato and cucumber consumed in the UK.

Working closely with Crown Point Estate on the periphery of Norwich, a suitable 16ha site was built in 2020 for production of tomatoes and cucumbers in 2021.

Another site was identified just outside of Ely in Cambridgeshire, and work began in 2021 on a 22ha site for production of tomatoes and cucumbers in 2022

Eric Wall & Hugh Stevenson start growing tomatoes at Pollards Nursery with just over 1ha of production under the company name Eric Wall Ltd.

Tomatoes Branch


Tomatoes Branch


The Stevenson family take on 100% ownership of the Eric Wall business and company.

Three Dutch Horticultural Groups consisting of Erik and Rik Leerdam , Arjen Koornneef and Rene van de Lee and Mike Noordam were approached by Low Carbon Farming to manage an innovative renewable energy glasshouse in Norwich.

Work starts on the 16ha glasshouse facility just as Covid pandemic starts.

The three Dutch groups form a partnership with the Stevenson’s and set up The Green House Growers.

Tomatoes Branch


Tomatoes Branch


First Cucumbers were produced in March followed by tomatoes in April.

Another site with a renewable energy source was identified in Ely and work began on a 22ha of glasshouse.

16ha of the 22ha were completed with Tomato and Cucumber crop.

Tomatoes Branch



The remaining 6ha in Ely were planted under LED lighting to allow for an earlier production of cucumbers starting in January.

In April a purpose built packing facility was completed.