The future we’re building is low carbon and more delicious

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Hello, we're The Green House Growers

The Green House Growers came together with a shared vision to revolutionise the way fresh food is grown in the UK. We want a healthier, more sustainable and more delicious future.

We’ve been growing fresh food since 1977, beginning as a small family business with 2.5 acres. Now we have almost 100 acres across our farms in Sussex and Norwich. Lots has changed in that time, but our values haven’t.

Over the years, we’ve become known for the best quality and for pioneering sustainability. We’ve always been at the forefront of reducing environmental impact, whether that’s using bumblebees for pollination or taking care over every drop of water we use. Most recently, we’ve become the first growers to produce low carbon salad – with a reduced carbon footprint of up to 60%.

And in just a few years, we’ll be growing 12% of the UK’s tomatoes and 10% of the UK’s cucumbers.

We know that great taste matters

Whether it’s soft, juicy roternos, sitting big and bright on the vine, or the tangy-sweet intensity of a cherry piccolo, quality always comes first.

We’ve been growing great tasting tomatoes since 1977. Now, we’re pioneering a new way of growing food with 60% less carbon, without compromising on quality. Our team are experts, as passionate as they are knowledgeable. We take pride in growing the tastiest, freshest food.

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The future of greener food production in the UK

In a world-first, we’re using heat from a nearby water treatment plant to warm our new greenhouse in Norwich. Harnessing wasted heat from the nation’s everyday activities – like taking a shower and washing the dishes – means our carbon footprint is one of the lowest of any producer. In fact, our carbon emissions are up to 60% lower.

Crop productivity in our greenhouses is ten times higher than what can be produced without a greenhouse. We also use ten times less water than traditional farming and, thanks to our innovative recirculation technology, we don’t waste a drop. Our growing techniques reduce the need for nasty pesticides too, which is better for the planet and our health.

And to top it all off, by growing our food in the UK we’re removing hundreds of thousands of unnecessary food-miles from the journeys imported tomatoes would take every day.

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We think big, and support local

In Britain, we eat more than 300,000 tonnes of tomatoes every year. In fact, 91% of the population has consumed tomatoes in the last year but only 20% of these are grown in the UK. Endless imports are bad for the environment and force us to rely on unpredictable global conditions. In just a few years, we’ll be growing 12% of the UK’s tomatoes.

We’re revolutionising farming in the UK. With £100 million of government pension fund investment, our greenhouses are bigger than 26 football pitches. We have the largest and most efficient heat pumps ever used in the UK, helping us achieve up to 60% less carbon.

We’re proud to be championing British enterprise and innovation and creating hundreds of local jobs – as well hundreds of tonnes of tomatoes!

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