The Green House Norwich

Welcome to The Green House Norwich, part of the Green House Growers' family. With up to 60% less carbon, we’re growing tasty and sustainable food.

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Our story

We’re proud to be leading the way to a brighter future for British food. No other UK tomato or cucumber producer is doing what we do.

And we’re delivering at scale. With £100 million of government pension fund investment, our new greenhouses are bigger than 26 football pitches. In just a few years, we’ll be growing 12% of the UK’s tomatoes, from our new nursery in Norwich and 10% of the UK’s cucumbers.

Our food is high quality and as fresh as it comes. Expertly grown in the UK, it moves quickly from plant to plate. By rooting our business on British soil, we make our supply chains as short, reliable, and efficient as they can possibly be – and we’re creating hundreds of jobs in the process.

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How we grow

Britain takes 40 million showers a day. Imagine if we could harness the heat from those showers to grow tomatoes in a low carbon way. Not to mention cucumbers. That’s where we come in – growing tomatoes in greenhouses powered by energy from an adjacent water treatment plant.

Our carbon footprint is amongst the lowest of any producer by a country mile. In fact, our carbon emissions are up to 60% lower.

Crop productivity in our greenhouses is ten times higher than growing without a greenhouse. We also use ten times less water than traditional farming and, thanks to our innovative recirculation technology, we don’t waste a drop. Our growing techniques reduce the need for nasty pesticides too, which is better for the planet and our health.

Cucumber growing on the plant