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Meet The Sussex Team

Here at The Green House Sussex, we all share the same passion for our delicious tomatoes.

We employ over 150 members of staff across both our nursery and in our packhouse through the season, many of our staff have been with us for multiple years and together with their experience and knowledge we produce great British tomatoes of an exceptional quality bursting with flavour and sweetness delighting our customers every time.

Our nursery staff spend their time looking after our 100,000 tomato plants from seedling through to fully grown vines, they trim them, prune them and pick the tomatoes at the absolute perfect stage of ripeness guaranteeing that they taste fantastic every time you buy them in store.

Our packhouse staff take their time to pack the very best fruit for distribution throughout the UK, they use their keen eyes and tomato knowledge that comes with experience to select the very best vines to put into our punnets and boxes before we distribute them out to our customers.